Enhancing online education through digital technology

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Our Strategy

Our services will support you through all stages of developing your online learning material from inception, to delivery of the
final product to learners.

The Digital Education Service has a defined strategy which aims to:

  • Enhance the student education experience through the provision of sector-leading digital education opportunities for all students.
  • Deliver flexible, accessible and inclusive digital education outputs in partnership with academic experts.
  • Provide an outstanding student education service to support our digital education courses, modules and programmes.
  • Advance the University’s strategic ambitions in the areas of international student recruitment and widening access through the provision of accessible and inclusive digital education opportunities for diverse audiences.
  • Empower the University’s academic community to disseminate research outputs and achieve wider impact through public-facing digital education.
  • Strengthen the University’s strategic partnerships through the provision of collaborative digital education opportunities aimed at professional audiences.
  • Maintain excellence and drive forward innovation through a commitment to staff development and evidence-based continuous improvement.