Designed for flexible learning and the opportunity to earn academic credit

Credit bearing programs of online courses

Credit-bearing online courses

The University provides a series of credit bearing discovery modules, in the form of programs of online courses that can be completed by both University students and external learners.

Currently hosted on FutureLearn, these programs are designed to provide flexible blended learning opportunities for University students and give learners external to the University the ability to earn academic credit, offering a pathway to higher education.

This model gives our students the opportunity to learn with a diverse group of international learners, and helps external learners to broaden their knowledge of a subject and support their University application.

To view the range of our current credit bearing programs visit our web page or to start a course today visit our page on FutureLearn.

How do they work?

Each program of credit bearing online courses is made up of five online courses. Different learners have different user journeys depending on whether they are existing University students or not.

University of Leeds students

University students are introduced to these online courses on Minerva where all revision, course assessments and other required activity also takes place. Core learning content of the program is accessed on FutureLearn.

The credits earned from the program will then contribute towards students’ degree programme.

External learners

External learners can join any of the five courses in the program and complete them in any order on FutureLearn.

When learners successfully complete all five courses, they are invited to join a final assessment course that could lead to the award of 10 credits from the University of Leeds.

Why develop a credit-bearing program of online courses?

Creating a program of online courses is the ideal solution when the objective is to create a high quality blended learning resource that can also be used for student recruitment to undergraduate degrees.

Benefits for University students

  • Allows students to broaden their learning by exploring new subject areas alongside their main undergraduate studies.
  • Provides flexible learning material that can be studied anywhere, at any time – particularly useful for students with busy timetables.
  • Gives students the opportunity to study and collaborate with external learners worldwide.

Benefits for external learners

  • Provides a taster of undergraduate study at the University of Leeds and offers a pathway to higher education.
  • Promotes undergraduate programmes to an international market and increases the University’s international reach.
  • Completion of online courses within the programs leads to continuing professional development opportunities.

For more information about our credit-bearing online courses, please contact our Business Development team.

If you are interested in developing an online course, please fill in our course enquiry form.

What our Learners say

Completing a credit bearing program on FutureLearn is a great way to see if you are really interested in a subject.  It is also a really flexible way of learning and you can adjust it to your daily time schedule. 

Annika Bremicker – “Environmental Challenges