A free, cloud-based, open education platform

Open Education by Blackboard

Open Education powered by Blackboard is a free, cloud-based open online learning platform which  gives higher education institutions the ability to run online courses.  Courses on Open Education can be accessed for free by registered users from around the world.

The platform delivers online courses using standard style templates and it offers limited marketing capabilities in comparison to FutureLearn or Coursera. As such, it is the most suitable solution when the objective is free access of online courses to an audience committed to open education.

Types of courses

Courses on the platform can be open or by invite only. This platform is most appropriate for courses designed for defined external audiences or to disseminate research material. It is also a suitable approach for those who do not want or need the high profile marketing opportunities offered by more specialised platform.

How can the Digital Education Service support you?

Based on the need of your project the Digital Education Service can advise on the most suitable online learning platform and propose an instructional design for your course.

If you want to know more about our platforms or for an informal discussion contact our Business Development team.