Developing learner-focused online education


Online Learners

The University of Leeds online courses  (commonly referred to as MOOCs- Massive Open Online Courses) are open to everyone in the world and have no entry requirements. To view the range of online courses the University offers, or for  more information about their benefits,  visit the University of Leeds page on online courses .

If you want to start an online course today, visit the University of Leeds page on FutureLearn .

Student Champions for Digital Education

The University’s strategic mission aims to facilitate the use of digital learning and blended learning  across the institution. The Student Champions for Digital Education are students recruited from each of the eight faculties in the University of Leeds and their role is to support this mission. They achieve this by delivering a project that could enhance digital education in all schools of each faculty. This offers a valuable opportunity for students to provide input on digital learning practices carried out at University level.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Hannah Webbe –

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Mohammed Samir –

Faculty of Business

Sarah Bostan –

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

Maya Sterrie –

Faculty of Engineering

Mohamed Kamal –

Faculty of Environment

Arianna Griffa –

Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Nicholas Clare –

Faculty of Medicine and Health

Priscilla Ehikioya –