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Student Ambassadors for Digital Education

The University's strategic mission aims to facilitate the use of digital learning and blended learning across the institution. Each year, a group of Student Champions for Digital Education are recruited from each of the 8 faculties in the University to support this mission. They achieve this by working on projects to enhance digital education across all schools and providing valuable feedback and input on future plans.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Chelsea Ma  -

Devika Sreejith -

Taniya Khan -

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Kanishta Srihar -

Petra Gudlej -

Faculty of Business

Aishwarya Premnath -

Deo Surbakti -

Lokesh Mansukhani -

Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences

Chandraprakash Khandelwal -

Kirti Saraff -

Ming Wong -

Suriana Zulhilmi -

Faculty of Social Science

Carla Creaser -

Sasha Jones -

Yasmina Bouhouda -

Hear From Our Student Ambassadors

Read the latest from our Digital Education ambassadors as they share their experiences of online learning and student life.

"Preparing for a successful job interview" by Taniya

Student Ambassador for Digital Education, Taniya Khan shares her top tips for acing any job interview...

"How to balance part-time work alongside study" by Kirti

Student Ambassador for Digital Education Kirti, offers her tips and experience to successfully juggle part-time work alongside the challenges of full-time study...

"Revision Made Faster and Easier" by Lokesh

It is natural to feel stress while preparing for exams, but with the right tools and techniques, you can make the most of your time revising...

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