Accelerate your transition to University with our free online courses

On the 24th and 25th of June 2022, the University of Leeds will host the first of its summer undergraduate open days. 

The events present an opportunity to discover campus, speak with current students and attend course presentations. Attending an open day is an ideal way to inform your opinion on a university and what it can offer you.  

Despite this, open days can be daunting. Particularly if you’re clear on what you would like to study, where you would like to study or whether a specific university is right for you. Attending this series of summer events may also not be possible for some. 

If this is the case and you are keen to find out more about the University of Leeds, our selection of free online courses are dedicated to helping you transition into higher education more smoothly. Not only this, but they also help prospective students to sample Leeds academia and teaching. 

Explore our Taster Courses

Our online ‘Going to University’ collection enables prospective undergraduate students to sample subject-specific University courses. Here lies the opportunity for students from all academic backgrounds to discover which subjects are most suited to their interests.  

Delivered via FutureLearn, these taster courses available cover an array of specialist fields. These include STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and maths), health sciences, business studies, and humanities (including art, cultures, and design). 

The courses in these subject areas have been designed to complement students’ existing studies or to provide an informative introduction to those wanting to discover a new subject. 

If you are not yet decided on what to study at university, explore our ‘Going to University’ taster collection and choose a course that interests you!  

Develop your Skills to Succeed at University

Already know where and what you want to study? Our online courses can still be of help! Why not get the ball rolling and put your academic skills to the test?  

Going to University can be an adjustment – socially and academically. Our ‘Skills to succeed at University’ online course can prepare you for this change. This short course has been designed with you in mind and is led by expert educators and current students at the University of Leeds, delivering considered advice and insight on the transition to higher education.  

The course covers two main topics, the ‘Fundamentals of University’ and ‘Becoming a Successful Undergraduate’. The former teaches time-management, note-making, and guidance on accessing support at university. The latter focuses on critical thinking, academic writing, and understanding the meaning of being a university student.  

The course has received 5-star reviews, with participants commenting that since their completion of the course, they “feel a lot more confident about starting University.” 

Want to impress your future tutors and classmates? Sign up for ‘Skills to Succeed at University’ here.

Why not get started now? And remember, to make the most informed decision, make sure you also attend our June open days if you are able. You can register here.