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Online Learning

This year marks 10 years since the launch of the University’s first massive open online course (‘MOOC’). Since then, we have created more than 100 short online courses supporting over 2 million learners across multiple platforms, as well as six fully online degree programmes.

What's in a name?

Dr Megan Kime explains the difference between MOOCs, short courses and micro credentials at the Online Learning Summit in July 2023.

Online Degree Programmes

Sustainable Business Leadership MSc

Designed and delivered by expert academics from Leeds University Business School and the School of Earth and Environment, this inspiring, innovative online Sustainable Business Leadership MSc is one of few courses that integrates the two areas of sustainability and business.

Digital Design and Communication MA

Become a leader in the global digital design and communication industry with our unique online course that integrates digital communication with digital design and covers all aspects of digital design for the virtual environment.

Engineering Management MSc

The online Engineering Management MSc will equip you with practical and theoretical knowledge of modern engineering, alongside a grounding in management. Offering much more than a generic MBA, the course has been designed by engineers, for engineers. It aims to meet the needs of a changing engineering environment and expand your engineering management job options upon graduation.

Artificial Intelligence MSc

Designed and delivered by computer scientists, this innovative online Masters in Artificial Intelligence has been developed specifically for professionals who recognise the importance of AI to their sector. This Artificial Intelligence MSc allows you to influence the strategy in your organisation by pushing the boundaries of best practice to drive business efficiencies and strategy processes.

Disability Studies, Rights and Inclusion MSc

The online MSc Disability Studies, Rights and Inclusion will support you to recognise, understand and meet the challenges facing disabled people around the world. By studying this innovative online degree, you’ll be equipped to work to ensure that disabled people’s rights are respected, helping to build more inclusive and sustainable societies.
Our unique programme is one of the very few online fashion management courses that integrates the two areas of fashion marketing and design management, drawing on expertise from leading academics at Leeds School of Design.

Short online courses

Short online courses created by the University of Leeds are free to access and openly available on FutureLearn and Coursera providing an accessible entry point into academic expertise.

All courses are easily accessible for students at Leeds via single sign-on, enabling opportunities to enhance their campus-based studies and access skills-based courses for lifelong learning.

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An Introduction to Programming using Python (Coursera)

Describe what computer programming is, recognising its purpose and how it enables the creation and execution of computer programs.

Foundations of Software Testing and Validation (Coursera)

Software testing and validation are vital because they ensure that the end product meets the design requirements. In just two weeks, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of industry-standard techniques and learn how to design and implement effective test cases.

Fundamental Skills in Engineering Design (Coursera)

The engineering design process allows engineers to execute both small- and large-scale projects by applying scientific knowledge to the solution of technical problems. Understand the key principles and techniques of engineering design that will help you to develop in this field.

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Renewable Energy: Sustainable Electricity Supply (FutureLearn)

On this two-week course, you will learn how electricity is generated globally and explore different approaches to electrification. You will then learn technical aspects of electrification options via a national grid, off grid, micro and mini grids and reflect on the barriers to affordable, clean and fair access to electricity.

Social Model of Disability (FutureLearn)

The social model of disability is a way of viewing the world, developed by disabled people. On this two-week course, you’ll learn what disability is and learn to identify the barriers that disabled people face around the world.

Evaluation for Arts, Culture, and Heritage (FutureLearn)

On this two-week course from the Centre for Cultural Value at the University of Leeds, you’ll examine the vital role of evaluation in the culture sector. Building on insights from interviews with researchers and industry leaders, you’ll learn how to design, implement, and communicate an evaluation plan.