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Tools and Systems

Digital people working

The Digital Education Systems Team leads, develops and supports the tools and services that form the digital education ecosystem at Leeds.

Delivering the University’s Digital Transformation Strategy 2020-2030

The University’s Digital Transformation Strategy 2020-2030 sets out ambitious plans for digitally enhanced learning, teaching, and assessment. The Digital Education Systems Team supports these plans in the development and delivery of innovative digital systems solutions, and by providing a hub of expertise to support staff and students with the delivery of face-to-face, hybrid and fully online education.

Developing the Digital Education Ecosystem

From piloting virtual classroom tools and supporting initiatives such as the multi-mode teaching pilot and live streaming from teaching spaces, the Team’s mission to meet the ever-changing technical requirements of staff and students across the University is a key priority. The Team ensures the effective implementation of digital tools, with clear communication and guidance for end users.

Support and guidance for the University community

The Digital Education Systems Team also provides a one-stop shop for support and guidance for all digital education systems and tools to both staff and students within the University. This is achieved through the provision of the Digital Education Systems Help website and through support offered via Service Now, the University’s platform for the management of staff and student IT queries.

The Digital Education Systems Team works with Organisational Development and Professional Learning, IT and the Digital Education Enhancement Team to provide excellent end user support in the form of pedagogical advice, systems guidance and training.