International Women’s Day 2020: Women in Digital Education


On Sunday, 8 March people from around the world will celebrate International Women’s Day.

There are so many women to be inspired by today, we’re celebrating all the women academics from the University of Leeds who have been instrumental in the creation of the many exceptional online courses on offer.

This year, the UN theme for International Women’s Day is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. According to the UN, no single country can claim today to have achieved gender equality, and real change is happening too slowly for women and girls across the globe. However, access to education and visible female role models can help combat this inequality.

Online course provision is democratizing education, breaking down the numerous barriers that prevent people from accessing conventional education. Through digital education, women at the University of Leeds are creating educational opportunities that are flexible and accessible to all types of learners.

We’re extremely proud of the contribution that the following academics have made to the portfolio of online courses at the University of Leeds. We are also celebrating the amazing women who work behind the scenes to design, develop and deliver these courses.

Going to University courses

Dr Sally Jones – Starting a Business 2: People and Network

Dr Emilee Simmons – Starting a Business 6: Funding Your Business

Prof Sarah Underwood – Starting a Business 3: Customers and Competitors

Clara Hiskey – The IB Extended Essay: Managing your Research Project

Angela Newton – Learning Online: Researching Your Project

Dr Julia Lehman – Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth


Continuing Professional Development courses  

Diana Laurillard and Bronwen Swinnerton – Blended Learning Essentials Program

Emilee Simmons, Leila Jancovich, Claire Antrobus and Lisa Baxter – Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture

Dr Tracey Farragher – Causes of Human Disease: Understanding Causes of Disease

Dr Bethan Davies – Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Language and Culture

Dr Claire Brockett – MedTech: Orthopaedic Implants and Regenerative Medicine


Academic Skills courses

Jiani Liu and Michelle Schneider – Critical Thinking at University: An Introduction

Dr Natasha McKeever – Introduction to Research Ethics: Working with People