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New online course on arts fundraising


Effective leadership is vital for successful fundraising in the arts, a sector particularly reliant on sourcing and securing external funding. Leadership in Arts Fundraising is a new online course designed to help leaders in the arts and cultural sector put fundraising at the heart of their organisational structure and provide them with tools that foster sustainable business development.  

The course sits alongside the recently launched Essentials in Arts Fundraising, aimed at learners that are new to arts fundraising or fundraisers looking to deepen their practice. Both courses are led by experts in arts fundraising and are brought to learners by Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy. 

Learners joining Leadership in Arts Fundraising will explore how to evaluate the position of fundraising within their organisation, identify the key relationships required for successful fundraising and be introduced to models that assess their effectiveness. 

Through stimulating case studies, learners will understand how to implement strategies to make their organisation more resilient and adaptable to unplanned change.  

Crucial to the nature of the sector, learners will discover techniques for dealing with rapid and unforeseeable changes with minimal disruption. The course will also provide valuable insight into emerging trends in ethical fundraising and giving, and explore alternative approaches from around the world.  

 Suitable for leaders in the arts and cultural sector and those aspiring to work in senior fundraising positions, Leadership in Arts Fundraising is available on Futurelearn and will start on 28 March 2022. Will you be enrolling? Be sure to use the hashtag #FLartsfundraisingleadershipand tag @uoldigital to get the conversation started as you embark on your learning journey.