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Online Courses for Schools

Online courses for schools

Specifically designed for students studying at schools or colleges, this collection of courses provides a taster of undergraduate study and offers a pathway to higher education at the University of Leeds.

These free online courses explore a range of subjects and they aim to extend learners' knowledge in specific subject areas and help them decide which subject to study at university.

Teachers can also use these free online courses as classroom enrichment material, and draw on the discussion activities within their teaching.

With over 600,000 learners in the last two years from over 100 countries and a course satisfaction rating of over 90%, these courses offer a valuable resource for increasing engagement with both an international and a UK student audience in a stimulating way.

To view the range of online courses for schools and more information,  visit our web page or to start a course today visit the University of Leeds page on FutureLearn.

How do they work?

The online courses for schools run on the first Monday of every month on FutureLearn and are delivered over two weeks.

Students are required to spend two to three hours of flexible study each week, can monitor their progress throughout the course and record their results.

Why develop an online course for schools?

Developing an online course for schools is the ideal solution if the objective is to:

  • Raise the profile of a particular undergraduate programme in the UK or abroad.
  • Reach out to engaged learners.
  • Reach students from a more diverse background.

For more information about online courses for schools, please contact our Business Development team.

If you are interested in developing a schools course, please fill in our course enquiry form.

What our learners say

‘I would like an opportunity to attend Leeds University someday. I already feel like am part of the student community taking this online course from Leeds. If their online content is this good I can only imagine how the face-to-face interactions with lecturers and tutors are.’

Koama Chisanga,  Anatomy: Know your Abdomen

‘Thank you for the great course and information on the University of Leeds as it will help with my application.

Nadia Mahmood,  Exploring Cancer Medicines