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Working with Schools


The University of Leeds is dedicated to supporting schools and colleges by providing a collection of high-quality online courses, free to access by students or teachers. These short online courses can be accessed at home or for face-to-face teaching.

This section includes guides, resources and frequently asked questions that will help you use the online courses in your teaching remotely.

What courses are available?

The courses are specifically designed for students in high schools and colleges and can be completed from any device, including smartphones. The collection includes subjects from STEM to Arts and can be used to enhance the work students complete at school, introduce them to new subjects or improve their online learning skills.

What support is available to teachers using these courses?

These courses have been designed to be easy for teachers to use with minimal preparation. Before you start, read this guide explaining how you can use the University's courses for remote teaching.  You can then download additional resources with tasks you can set for your students.  You can choose the tasks that suit you and your students’ needs.

How to use online courses in your teaching

See a comprehensive guide and resources that will help you integrate the University's online courses in your remote or face-to-face teaching.

Explore the University's online taster courses

Find out about Leeds' online courses specifically designed for students in high schools and colleges that you can use in your practice.

How to use FutureLearn

Find out essential information on how to access FutureLearn and how to work with the online taster courses on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from teachers. This section is updated frequently.

Online courses for teachers

This selection of courses is specially designed to guide teachers in developing their blended learning techniques and methods.

Teachers' resources

This is a list of all the Leeds' taster courses together with the available resources that you can access.