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Digital education

Blended learning

Blended learning is a combination of traditional, classroom-style learning and independent, online study.
Typically, students are given a fixed timetable for classroom hours; then students are free to complete the remainder of their studies wherever and whenever suits them best, as long as the minimum hours are completed.
Leeds facilitates blended learning by providing the tools and systems required to work at home, or on campus. We support academics to explore and hone their skills in delivering blended experiences for students. You can find out about how we do this by visiting our section on our Faculty Enhancement Teams.
Our blended learning team aims to continuously innovate, invest and develop online learning and systems to enhance the digital education experience of our taught students and postgraduate researchers, on campus and online.
We develop and deliver blended and online learning for campus-based students, including online discovery modules, in collaboration with Professional Services and Schools and Faculties. We also work with academics to create recruitment courses designed to showcase particular degrees and disciplines and to attract students to study at Leeds. You can find these courses on the main University of Leeds site.

In partnership with our colleagues across the Service, we strive to increase student engagement with digital education. To do so, we horizon-scan new and emerging digital education technologies and support accessible, flexible, and inclusive learning experiences for our students.

We are a small team of experienced learning design professionals who aim to deliver on these ambitions, working with faculties, schools, and services to help them design and create resources that provide a genuinely enhanced student experience. Please get in touch with our Digital Education Manager, Simon Vallance.

Research Dissemination

An online course can provide an ideal solution for the dissemination of research to either the general public, a wide research community, or just a niche population of experts. High-profile research bids often include a requirement to demonstrate research impact or define a method for supporting public engagement.
When the interested population is substantial, diverse, international, or hard to reach, a short online course may provide a cost-efficient option. An online course could also be used for research data collection through appropriate participant collaboration and surveys.

Professional learning

The Professional Learning team applies learning design and course development expertise to the diverse range of projects aimed at professional and work-based learners, including working with external clients to devise educational opportunities for specific audiences or their workforce. We partner with Faculties to support their CPD and professional learning projects and support the University’s research impact by developing online courses for research dissemination. For more information on Professional Learning, please contact our Digital Education Manager, Jane Lund.