Discovering Science course collection

Discovering Science: Science Writing

This online course introduces students to the different types of science writing and explores the factors which are needed to be considered when writing a story. Students will discover how to gather accurate information and relevant opinions as well as tips on how to conduct a successful interview.

Discovering Science: Medicinal Chemistry

This online course introduces students to some of the breakthroughs and developments chemistry scientists have made in the fight against cancer. The course explores how modern imaging techniques diagnose problems quickly and safely, and how diseases, that may not previously have been picked up, are identified.

Discovering Science: Chemical Products

This online course introduces students to how scientists are using their knowledge of the molecular structure of naturally occurring compounds to develop new and exciting materials. Students will explore the chemistry behind the development of everyday consumer products, and consider the ethics behind the products they use.

Discovering Science: Atmospheric Chemistry

This online course introduces students to the role that radiation and greenhouse gases play in our understanding of atmospheric chemistry. Students will examine how an exponential increase in the discovery of new exoplanets is helping us learn about the evolution of our own atmosphere.

Discovering Science: Global Challenges

On this online course, students will discover how scientists are treating patients with infections resulting from resistant bacteria and explore the strategies currently being developed. Students will then tackle another global problem and understand the role that chemistry plays in finding solutions to food security.