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Social Justice Jam 2024 : Spaces for Change

A virtual event running over three days (10–12 June), the Jam is a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural learning event dedicated to finding solutions to real-world challenges.

The Social Justice Jam is being organised in collaboration with the University of Pretoria in South Africa and in partnership with ls14trust, a community-based organisation in Leeds and is funded by the Horizons Institute. This event will aim to provide solutions to challenges faced by two communities:  Seacroft (Leeds, UK) and Mamelodi (Pretoria, South Africa).

Focusing on specific challenges related to community space access, use and management, participants are invited to think creatively and co-create solutions that will benefit members of both communities now and in the future.

This event is open to the general public. Register to attend

How will it work?

Both communities will present current social justice challenges they are facing in the form of a scenario for participants to discuss, investigate and propose potential solutions to. 

Participants will then have the chance to share their views and exchange ideas that can be part of solutions to the presented social justice issues. There will be opportunities to work in small groups, engage in interactive sessions and learn independently.

We aim to create diverse groups for a more enriching active learning experience. There are a limited number of places available to work collaboratively in groups. If these groups are full at the time of registration, you will automatically be added to a waiting list. 

Learning in a group will require your full attention for the time we are working together, so that you can actively contribute to the group tasks and complete them successfully as a group. If you prefer you can learn at your own pace.   

Who is this event for?

This event is freely available and open to all. 

Participants will also receive official certification of participation co-signed by the Universities of Leeds and Pretoria recognising your participation. 

Register to attend

For more information, please contact:

  • Vasiliki Kioupi (School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds)
  • Tafadzwa Mushonga (Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship, University of Pretoria)

Draft agenda

Day 1: Monday 10 June

Theme: Coming together to engage/Focusing

9.30am UK/10.30am SA: LIVE Opening to the Jam Day 1 by hosts
10amUK/11am SA: LIVE Pretoria guest presentation (1 hour with Q&A included)
11amUK/12pm SA: LIVE Leeds guest presentation (1 hour with Q&A included)
• BREAK: 1 hour
1-3pm UK/2-4pm SA: Facilitated group work sessions (up to 2 hours) (MS teams channels)

Day 2: Tuesday 11 June

Theme: Investigating    

• 9am UK/10am SA: LIVE Opening the Jam Day 2 by hosts
• 9.15am UK/10.15am SA: LIVE creative inquiry making (40 mins)
• 10am UK/11am SA: LIVE power asymmetries session (1 hour)
• 11.05am UK/12.05pm SA: LIVE problem-solving tools (45 mins)
• BREAK 1 hour
• 1-3pm UK/2-4pm SA: Facilitated group work sessions (up to 2 hours) (MS teams channels)

Day 3: Wednesday 12 June

Theme: Sharing and acting  

• 9-10.30am UK/10-11.30am SA: Facilitated group work sessions (up to 1.5 hours)  (MS teams channels)
• BREAK 30 minutes
11am UK/12pm SA: LIVE Pitching session and celebration (2 hours)
1.15pm UK/2.15pm SA: LIVE Closing the Jam by hosts (15 minutes) and next steps
1.30pm UK/2.30pm SA: END