Health Science Online Courses

This online course is specially designed for students studying in schools or colleges who are interested in studying a health science subject at university. The course aims to expand the students’ knowledge in a range of relevant subjects that will extend the work they are completing at school.

These online courses are part of the Futurelearn’s Schools Initiative – a new initiative that gives millions of UK students aged 13+ free upgraded access to over a hundred relevant short courses on their platform.


Individual Online Courses

Anatomy: Know Your Abdomen

This online course introduces students to the workings of the human abdomen, the positions of organs within the abdomen and common anatomical terminology. They will look at the anterior abdominal wall, exploring how the ‘abs’ are considered concerning health and beauty. Then they will move on to look at the composition of the gastrointestinal tract.

Online Course Collections

Causes of Human Disease

This collection of online courses looks at the science behind the causes of human disease. Each course within the collection focuses on different types of common diseases such as infectious, cardiovascular and genetic diseases and cancer and explores how social determinants, nutrition and environmental factors influence our health.

Online Course Collections