STEM Online Courses

This selection of online courses is specially designed for students studying in schools or colleges who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. These courses aim to expand the learner’s knowledge in a range of relevant subjects and will complement the work they are completing at school.

These online courses are part of the Futurelearn’s Schools Initiative – a new initiative that gives millions of UK students aged 13+ free upgraded access to over a hundred relevant short courses on their platform.

Individual Online Courses

Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

On this online course, students will discover how the work of conservation biologists and the study of ecosystems can help with conserving the world’s biodiversity.  Students will explore the impact of wind farms on populations of seabirds, and investigate advanced techniques of studying different populations.

Planet Earth: Understanding and Protecting our Environment

Students will learn about the physical geography of our planet, discover the processes of the hydrosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere and explore the impact of human activity and climate change on our planet.

Food Science and Nutrition: From the Farm to You

In this online course, students will follow the fascinating journey of food from the farm into their bodies and explore new food technologies and nutrition worldwide. Students will learn how food science and nutrition help us study the fascinating world of food. They will explore the food supply chain and how food processing can make food healthier.

Exploring Cancer Medicines

This online course will introduce students to the topic of cancer chemotherapy, and how the development of effective medications for the treatment of cancer remains a significant challenge to scientists. Students will also explore how science is communicated to the general public, and learn the skills needed to become an effective science writer.

Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and life beyond earth

On this online course, students will investigate planetary atmospheres across the solar system and beyond. They will discover what an atmosphere is, how it’s formed, and how data collected from space missions are used to determine a planet’s atmosphere.